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Sisters of Nia, Inc. is honored and proud to offer scholarships to girls in the Sacramento area who are graduating high school, returning to college in the fall, or pursuing a degree or training above a Bachelor’s degree. Paying for college can be quite a burden to students and families; many students graduate in great debt from student loans. Our goal is that our scholarships provide some sense of financial relief so that our recipients can focus more on their academics.


History of our Scholarships:

Education is very important to Sisters of Nia. We take pride in the fact that 100% of our alumnae who have already graduated from high school have also gone on to college. We had our first group of alumnae graduate high school in 2016 and it was important to our board of directors and facilitators to be able to offer scholarships to them. So, in 2016 we offered two scholarships for $500 each. One was reserved for Sisters of Nia alumnae and the other was open to any girl graduating high school in the Sacramento area who was headed to college or a trade school. 

We awarded two $500 scholarships per year from 2016-2019, then in 2020, we were able to award a total of five scholarships totaling $5,000; two were awarded to Sisters of Nia alumnae and two were awarded to girls graduating high school in Sacramento; one scholarship was reserved for Sisters of Nia alumnae returning to college in the fall. Last year, in 2021, we awarded $12,550 in scholarships to 24 girls and young women graduating high school or returning to college in the fall. It was a major accomplishment.

2022 was an epic year for our scholarship program as we awarded 42 amazing young women $50,000 in scholarship funds in partnership with the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.

Thank you to all of our scholarship program donors and supporters! We look forward to what the future holds for our scholarship program.

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