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Youth Leadership Conference

Each year, Sisters of Nia hosts a leadership conference targeting boys and girls ages 11-14. Nia alumnae and community leaders volunteer their time to present workshops on various topics related to leadership, social media, self-esteem, etc. The main goal of the conference is to educate and inspire youth to work to their fullest potential, live their lives with a purpose, and to take on leadership roles in their families, schools, and communities.

The 2023 youth leadership conference was a huge success! We had an impressive turnout of 50 enthusiastic youth attend, both boys and girls. The event featured an incredible spoken word artist and a captivating morning keynote speaker. Among the highlights were three engaging workshops covering self-defense, CPR, and robotics, with attendees participating in two of them. There was lively Zumba dancing and a fun dance performance.

A special shout-out and appreciation goes to our invaluable partnership with the Cosumnes Community Services District, which generously provided the conference space at no cost. We are already eagerly looking ahead to our 2024 youth leadership conference, aiming to build on this success and offer even more opportunities for growth and inspiration.

2023 Youth Leadership Conference Videos

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