We have only 8 girls in the program right now, but these girls represented like there were 80 of them at their first ever Kwanzaa celebration, which was their first time performing as Nia girls. Words cannot express how amazing they all were…no fear on the microphone, all were confident standing together in front of their audience. They expressed a true sisterhood. They are now official members of Sisters of Nia after reciting the creed and Nguzo Nane, and were awarded official membership bracelets by their high school alumni sisters…congratulations ladies!
The girls also shared words about how the program has impacted them so far…here are a few quotes that were shared: “It’s helped me focus on keeping my grades up.” “I have learned the importance of knowing my history and knowing about all the good things that were going on in Africa before slavery started.” “This program has made me open up more and to come out of my shell.” “Sisters of Nia is a great program and I recommend all the little sisters become part of the program when they’re old enough.”