About Us

What is Sisters of Nia?

Sisters of Nia, Incorporated is an organization dedicated to serving adolescent girls in grades six, seven, and eight living in urban communities. Through the teaching of Africentric values, our program aims to reinforce and bring out the natural strengths of girls, while encouraging them to live their live with a purpose.

Though the program is centered around Africentric values, it is open to any girl and can lead to greater emotional maturity and more positive relationships. Africentric values are linked to strong ethnic and racial identity, positive feelings about the self, positive peer group norms, pro-social behavior, the use of adaptive coping strategies, academic achievement, and the practice of health-promoting behaviors (Cornielle, Ashcraft, & Belgrave, 2005).

The girls participate in one two-hour session each week. We use innovative curriculum which focuses on building self-esteem and self-respect, peer relationships, conflict management, leadership skills, and academic achievement. Emphasis is also placed on individual and community responsibility; building communication between mothers and daughters as well as fathers and daughters; sex education and early pregnancy prevention; and entrepreneurial skills.

Sisters of Nia, Inc. is a three year rites of passage program, focusing on a different aspect of adolescent female life each year and requires entry during the sixth grade. The program culminates in eighth grade with a college tour and rites of passage ceremony.

Our Vision

To inspire, encourage, and empower girls to reach their fullest potential and live their life with a purpose.

Our Mission

Sisters of Nia, Inc. seeks to empower socially and economically disadvantaged adolescent girls. Sisters of Nia, Inc. provides cultural and educational programs designed to instill strong social skills, leadership development, and academic excellence in our young ladies.